Dual Wiper Motor Wiring Diagram

Dual Wiper Motor Wiring Diagram - two speed lucas wiper motor wiring i am not an automotive electrician but i have wired my own kit car pletely which includes connecting up a lucas 2 speed wiper motor without the luxury of the original loom and switch some information was obtained from the span class news dt jan 01 2018 span nbsp 0183 32 wiring diagram for two speed moto explained power and control circuit for 3 phase two speed motor dahlender winding like subscribe and don t skip the ads speedy jim s windshield wiper page wiper motor wiring dash mounted wiper switch 12 volt 2 speed the wiper motor is a dc permanent mag field design 2 speeds are obtained by adding a third brush on the mutator this third brush is offset from the ideal running position and thus produces a lower speed home of the clean wipe wiper drive the clean wipe wiper drive is a true bolt in replacement for your vintage vehicle s original equipment vacuum.
or electric windshield wiper motor each model of the clean wipe wiper drive is designed for the specific year and model of your classic car or truck wiring the early ford bronco dual motor windshield wiper kit note 14 to 16 gauge wire is re mended a 5 fuse needs to be placed between the battery and the wiper switch our wiper switch is equipped with a push knob for the windshield washers for the 66 68 you must connect the old washer pump button wire to the w port on the new switch 2 speed windscreen wiper wiring by eriks skinkis a popular modification for early sprites and midgets is to replace the single speed wiper motor with a dual speed motor from a later model car while it s relatively easy to wire up a switch for the two speeds getting the wiper motor to auto park when the switch is turned off can be a little 3 thoughts on the lucas 2 speed dr1 wiper motor barrie robinson 5th.
november 2014 at 22 18 the aston martin feltham club is manufacturing the plex rubber grommet used on the lucas dr1 windscreen wiper motor because this grommet provides protection against short circuiting and possible fire it is being made in urethane length from motor face to end of input shaft is 3 165 notes when using switch 910 64056 with this wiper motor the switch will be wired from the s terminal on the motor to the l terminal on the switch a ground wire will then be wired from the b terminal on the switch to a grounded location wiring diagrams and misc info are presented below to view exploded view schematics of electrical related parts visit technical drawings and schematics section i please read most of the wiring diagrams posted on this page are scans of original ford diagrams not aftermarket reproductions

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